That Smooth Jazz

Rochester_International_Jazz_Festival_logoThis week, I am lamenting the fact that I just bought a house outside of Rochester. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my house and my independence and yes, the fact that I am #adulting now, but I miss the charm of the City. I have lived in the South Wedge/Highland Park Neighborhood for five years and my favorite part was my nightly walk—particularly around this time of the year. We are very lucky to live in Rochester. We are a city rooted in culture, diversity and the arts, and I cannot wait to see the amazing transitions that are set to come. Yes, our inner-loop may be destroyed and our commutes may be longer as a result but our city will be growing and introducing many new, cutting-edge developments. At any given time, I can see fireworks, I can hear live jazz music, I can walk downtown and enjoy a great bar or restaurant or I can walk to The Little and watch a documentary.

Years ago, I worked with the event planners and helped to produce the Jazz Fest and I never really knew how great an impact it has had on the Rochester community. You don’t even have to like jazz! That may seem trivial to some of you, but to me it’s not. I love the atmosphere and the feel that the jazz festival brings; it’s the smell of brewing kettle corn, the loud-jazzy sforzando, the sense of community and the happy people that make me feel at home. This is the true Rochester that I know and love.

All of you, who attended the 2016 Annual Installation Dinner last week heard Curt’s shameless plug for the YLS end of the year bash at the jazz festival. Yes, you may have missed both events (tisk, tisk), but you still have time to enjoy Rochester and visit the festival. You can see a list of performers by following this link: I urge you to be spontaneous–simply walk downtown and discover a new artist or create an adventure; that’s always my unconventional method of choice.

Jazz for Justice 2015 0vb

Also, while you’re picking out performers and being won over by the musical swing or light airy jazz musician, do me a favor–get out your phone and save this date- Friday October 21@ 5:30p.m. If you’re reading this blog then I assume the Rochester legal community is important to you and, if it is, then you’ll at least consider attending our Jazz For Justice event. Jazz For Justice is an evening of great jazz, fine food and fun in collaboration with the Eastman School of Music to benefit the Foundation of the Monroe County Bar and the programs that matter the most to you as a legal professional.

When you’re out and about this weekend and you’re loving your newly discovered jazz flutist, listen carefully to the sounds of the jazz festival. Who knows? You may be hearing the same smooth sounds in October but you’ll never know unless you purchase a ticket to Jazz For Justice.

Until next time,

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