14 Years of Wrap-up is Daunting…

When I planned my week, I left myself no time to write the blog. So this blog will go down in history as my shortest to date. It’s very short because right now, I am attempting to wrap-up, transition and download my brain and all that resides in it from the last 14 years. I simply do not have time this week to write the thoughtful good-byes with the heartfelt thanks and appreciation that you are all due. I am saving that for next week… I hope?!

I have had to spend some time with my new colleagues at the WDNY, so I have been taking some PTO for those meetings as well. I spent yesterday afternoon at the Court in Buffalo and I met the large team that supports the Clerk’s office–great people welcoming me with wonderful enthusiasm and warmth. And I received the same treatment in Rochester, as I met the majority of the staff there on Monday.

As my days wind down and I begin my goodbyes (or “so longs” as I am not leaving the legal community), I am discovering that this is increasingly difficult. Last week’s Bench & Bar Holiday Party was wonderful and humbling as I was surrounded by words of encouragement, sadness, more encouragement, and many laughs of wonderful memories. I experienced this last night again with the fabulous women (and men) of GRAWA. Th12369066_10153801712284637_8463726739893812434_nis is always a fun holiday party that had more good wishes and words of encouragement.

Today, I bid my final adieu to the Foundation Board at this morning’s meeting and the emotions actually kicked in. I reminded them of the incredible Telesca Center for Justice that they have built with our partners. And how they need to own it, celebrate it and continue to support and nurture it. I was then presented with a farewell gift from the Foundation Board for a lifetime admission to the fabulous Jazz for Justice coming 2016. #JFJ2016.

I then attended my final House Finance Committee where five of my former Treasurers were present. They have guided me, counseled me, argued with me, allowed me to argue with them, and in the end, we had good decision-making due to their collective commitment. They have provided me with the wisdom to move on to the WDNY Court budget of $4-5 Million.

I just now realized this will most likely be my 2nd to last blog. That makes me sad. I have enjoyed writing these, late at night on the poMary and Kidsrch, or early, early morning when my life was quiet at home with my coffee. Most touching to me is the number of you that have shared with me over the years, and in recent weeks, how much you have enjoyed the blog, and of late, how many of you will miss the blog. To those regular readers, thank you for allowing me to share stories from my life, my family and some of my crazy thoughts. My attempts to tie my message back to the MCBA was not always spot on, but I tried.

I believe there will be a few people that are thrilled that my blogs will soon be history. First, my three children, Brian, Aidan and Claire, whom have grown up before your very eyes. No, I did not always seek their permission to share their lives, my lessons in parenting, and the such, but as I have said to them, I do believe that life with me has made them stronger. Second, a few blog readers and members that admitted through a survey and to me that they did not like my blogs. I was okay with that then and now.

All for now…see you next week!

Thanks for checking in,


The Pretty Much Lame Duck of the MCBA

(Though I will be here through the holiday getting things in good order and packing up some of my MCBA memories.) #Marysfinalcountdown






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