Not sick, I am healing thanks to endless acts of kindness…

Four weeks into the foot healing as a result of elective surgery, and on my first evening out with friends, heading into Lucano’s for dinner, I had a serious miscalculation which resulted in a trip to the ground and a complex wrist fracture. Talk about a moment as I am sitting on the ground, recognizing my wrist was seriously broken, and recognizing what this would mean to my day to day life for the next weeks 4 weeks, and most importantly, what it would mean to the family and friends that love me and would be providing the bulk of the care-taking.


So many acts of kindness are unfolding each day, so I want to share a few:

#1 — The Waiter from Lucano’s that created a splint to stabilize my badly deformed and painful wrist with a piece of cardboard and a restaurant napkin. It felt safer and more comfortable.

#2 — The great Dr. Balial that did the preliminary setting of the wrist and those early shots that make you happy again.


#3 — The wonderful nurses and aides on Highland 600E where I was cared for by some amazing caregivers: Stephanie Michaels, Dianna Lyko, Mary, Gwen, Dyana, and the casting team of Anthony, Roger, & Mike who began to refer to me as a “frequent flier” to the Cast Room.

#4 — A visit from my president, Neil Rowe, with a funny card and a reassuring smile on Sunday when I sorely needed some distraction. As well as calls from Justin Vigdor, Steve Modica & Connie Walker. 

#5 — Dr. Catherine Humphrey, Chief of Orthopedics at Highland Hospital, and a wrist and hand trauma surgeon, for adding me to her Tuesday morning schedule at the last minute. I was so reassured to be in the hands of someone who knew wrists and hands.

#6 — A spontaneous visit from my MCBA buddy Penny Dentinger, with a delicious iced tea and a bag of treats from Hedonist Chocolate. It meant so much to me to have this visit!

#7 — My special caretakers: Elaine, Trilby, Nancy, Margaret, Jill, Brian, Aidan and Claire. Not to mention the home health care aides, Kathy, Lisa and Candace.

#8 — And to those looking out for my nourishment: Jill, Susan and Bryan, Curt, Helen and Marian, Carol, Shaina, Elaine, Trilby and Nancy again, Margaret, and a delicious iced Latte from Liz.

#9 — And to those that have have sent acts of kindness: flowers from Bruce and Susan, Neil and Ed, my mom and brother Tom, a funny card from Jenn Sommers that suggested i would go to extremes to miss a board discussion on judicial evaluations. Not true! And a really nice email from Josie Sheppard about my positive thought on healing, and encouragement that I use this time for quiet meditation…and anyone else I may have missed.


#10 — And to so many others that are wishing me positive thoughts via Facebook, and responding to my crazy photos of my plight on Facebook. I appreciate the support. Special thanks to my entire team for being there for me. As always, they are working hard, and I am working hard to keep up with them from my Healing Chair Office at Home.

Bonus mention — I am learning how to use the dictation function on my computer, it is very useful as I am not super successful at one handed key boarding.

Thanks for checking in, for the good thoughts, and for the many acts of kindness as I heal…


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