MCBA Member Summer Fun

First off, thank you to everyone for sending in their photos! Feel free to keep them coming. We welcome the interaction and enjoy seeing what our members are up to. Two weeks ago, Liz mentioned that in my spare time I rehab houses. I am happy to report that house number 3 that I have been steadily assisting with is one week away from being put on the market! Not to monopolize this blog because it is about you but here are some pictures of my 4 year old, who monopolizes the rest of my time.


Now onto photos from our members.

Steve Modica:

Me & Annie Gofing at BLCCPast President, Steve Modica has been enjoying his summer with family and fun in the sun. Here is a photo with his daughter Annie (who recently passed the bar!) out on the golf course and having a great time.

Steve and his dog Maverick enjoying the Hot Tub

Me & Maverick in the Hot Tub

Jill Paperno:

Jill Paperno, President of GRAWA, had a relaxing vacation this summer in Ocean City, NJ. Here’s the view from her time on the beach.


Steven Feder:

Did you know that Steve Feder plays in a band? He does and spent some time this summer doing just that. Below is Steve playing at the Eagles tribute night at Nashville’s, in Henrietta.  *Plug Alert–He’ll be doing it again on Friday, September 11


Mark Moretti:

While in New Port, R.I. at a NYSBA meeting, Mark was able to enjoy a few days of vacation with his wife, Joyce.


Deborah Indivino:

In response to our request, Debbie wrote to us and said her summer has been monopolized by her  pup.Although I’m sure that it was an enjoyable time for her. 

Monty Pic

Lauren Fritz:

Lauren and her husband had a great summer backpacking in Ithaca and taking a hot air balloon ride! #romantic



Natalia Reinstein:

These photos are from Natalia’s latest trip to Ireland taken earlier this month. The first one was taken in Killarney National Park and the second one is from her trip to Dublin taken near St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Natalia, if your job was to make us envious of your summer—mission accomplished!



Scott MacPherson:

Being at one with nature was high on Scott’s list this summer. He enjoyed hiking at Castle Rock Mountain in the Adirondacks and at Letchworth State Park. Don’t worry folks, he wasn’t alone. He brought the adorable Ami.

FullSizeRender (2)ami

Amanda Dwyer:

Amanda, chair of the Lawyers for Learning Committee, welcomed a new member to the family this summer, who is now three months old. Look at the little budding lawyer!



Neil Rowe:

MCBA President Neil Rowe spent some quality time in Clayton(1000 Islands), NY celebrating his mother’s Birthday.

familyphoto (800x450)

Thanks for checking in,


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