Send Us Your Summer Photos…By Liz Novak

At the end of last week’s blog, we put out a request for you to submit photos of what you have been doing this summer – to send us your family vacation photos or photos from gardening, tennis, golf, etc.

Alas, we heard from no one.

So we’re taking a different approach and making this request the focus of this week’s blog…with a few photos from our staff to show you how it’s done.

Request: Please send us photos from your summer so that we can include in a future blog or post in our social media posts.

For example…

Maybe you’re obsessed with growing your own vegetables…and like to post photos of them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook ALL the time.


These beauties are from my garden. #urbanfarming #imobsessed

…Or maybe this is the first summer you spent with the newest member of your family – like a beautiful baby girl named Charlotte.


Charlotte Smith, daughter of MCBA Marketing Specialist Merritt Smith and MCBA member Laura Smith, Harter Secrest & Emery LLP, has been enjoying playing in the pool with daddy this summer. #yupimthiscute

…Or maybe you went on a week-long camping trip with your entire family in the Adirondacks.

2015 Family Pic

The above is a photo from Suzanne Ventress’ camping trip…she is the one in purple on the right side holding on to her husband Mark for dear life. Just kidding, Suzanne had a great time! #blackbearlodges #thefamilythatcampstogether

…Or maybe you’re new to your job, like Ben Freeland, and have not accrued any vacation time yet so you’re stuck helping your partner Jeremy tear down houses as part of his work during your downtime.


Poooor Ben. #donniedowner #whaWaaaa

Or maybe you’re spending your entire summer vacation recovering from a foot surgery that you had been putting off.

But at least Mary’s cast looks fabulous. #rogerthecastartist #piècederésistance

And if you’re friends with Louise Spinelli on Facebook, you will see many photos of fun times they have been having with family from Italy over the past couple of weeks. So go “friend” her on Facebook and check out her photos! #buondivertimento

Do you have some fun photos from this summer to send our way? Please send them to Ben…since we know he’ll be here and not on vacation… We’ll use them in another blog or post on Facebook – just send our way!

Thanks for checking in!


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