Ten Best Places to Eat While Working at the MCBA

It has been a great five weeks, one day, three hours and 45 minutes since I began working at MCBA but who’s really counting? It’s hard to believe how time has flown. When I first started, I was asked by Liz, “Do you typically bring your lunch or buy it from a restaurant?” My answer was “I typically bring my lunch because I’m a habitual chef and baker.” So about that…. I have yet to bring my lunch…  Do you blame me? Who would bring lunch with all these great places surrounding the MCBA! It’s probably a good thing that I can’t open up these large windows (not to jump) to smell all of the delicious food below. That got me thinking about this week’s blog. How many places have I been to and what are my downtown recommendations?

So here is my list! If you’re at MCBA or around the area, use this list and get some food! (This is in no particular order)

1. Hot Rosita’s (delicious Hispanic food- you can never go wrong with a chalupa)-17 E Main

2Subway (Yep, that’s right, Subway is my blind spot)-

3.The Founders Café (I had a giant salad that was delicious)-13 Fitzhugh St S

blog food places 004blog food places 005

4. Finas Café (By Entercom directly behind WXXI) – I LOVE FINA’s. It has great baked goods, good menu selection and the owner is a wonderful lady.

5. Effortlessly Healthy (Amazing Food Truck) I had this wonderful spinach wrap with avocado. There also is a store front now in South Wedge.

6Sapori Café and Catering (Inside the Powers Building at the top of the stairs)- Great milkshakes but a little pricey for the portion.

]blog food places 010

7. Byblos Café Mediterranean Cuisine (I LOVE this place.) I have eaten here multiple times and every time, it is great. The lentil soup is good, I add a little more seasoning because it tastes a little bland at first. The Chicken wrap is delicious and the Gyro is good too.

8. Dinosaur Barbeque (Always a good option.) You can call ahead, walk there, pick it up and eat it at the park—slam dunk (that’s a basketball reference, right?).

9. Joe and Charlie’s Grill- He is so quick and my burger was great! Normally, I never eat “street meat” but Liz and Mary like his food, so I gave it a try. Although Liz and Mary have been eating a stricter meal plan that doesn’t allow it! It’s funny how when I start, everyone diets hmmm.

blog food places 003

10. Lettuce B. Frank– This food truck is a good option for vegetarians, who want something other than a boring salad. I liked it and I commend its efforts. The portions could be larger. As I said above, I am normally a bottomless pit.

I want to try:

Neno’s Gourmet Mexican Street Food- This truck is one of the best that I have contemplated eating. The food looks fresh, the price is inexpensive and the people are great! I only skipped them because I ate at a different, less enjoyable establishment.

Stingray Sushifusion Truck- I LOVE sushi and I have heard great things but I haven’t gotten a chance to visit them when they are near us!

Brick N Mortar- I’m trying to figure out how they fit everything in such a tiny truck. The menu looks large and they have a huge variety. The only reason why I have not gone here is because I never see them downtown!

So there you have it MCBA Blog enthusiasts; my top food places to visit when you’re downtown. And for those negative neds and downer debbies, I did not list places to avoid because everyone has a different opinion and I’d rather just not mention them.

If you have any great restaurants around this area, please let us know.

If you’d like to find a food truck, visit http://wherethatfoodtruck.com/

Until next week,


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