Welcoming new MCBA’ers…

Though I am always sad to see MCBA’ers depart, it presents an opportunity to welcome new MCBA’ers, with new skill sets and personalities. As you know, we are losing Ginny LaCour to a well-deserved retirement fast approaching, not fast enough for Ginny, at the end of July. Stepping in to Ginny’s big shoes is Suzanne Ventress. Suzanne is now in her second week and arriving just in time to learn how to enter membership renewals, coordinate board meetings, register members for events, and keep up with me. Suzanne will be providing administrative support to me and Kathy Fico, Business & Operations Manager.

Already having flown the coup is Dajanee Parrish (now Hoyos), as she has left New York for Delaware in her new married state to Greg Hoyos. The wedding was wonderful, and Dae was beautiful as can be attested by Liz Novak, Diane Hill and me. Before Dae left town, and as dozens of resumes for her position were flowing in to the office, she suggested we talk to a college friend of her’s Ben Freeland. And so we did; and we instantly fell for Ben and all of his talents.

So for today’s blog, I have asked Suzanne and Ben to introduce themselves in their own words. Please take a moment to read about and welcome them to the MCBA. Though we miss Dae, we are very happy for her. And when it comes to saying goodbye to Ginny, well, I am simply not going there yet. WOW, is she ready for this transition as Suzanne is receiving excellent coaching and instruction! Ginny has been building a “transition manual” over the last 3+ years, and this incredible tool will make Suzanne’s job so much easier.

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Ben Freeland

Hello Cyber-lawyers, readers, legal enthusiasts and MCBA members!

I am incredibly excited to join the Monroe County Bar Association as the new Communications Coordinator! I am here to offer support for the MCBA and Foundation communications, membership reinforcement, and special events. Dajanee left big shoes for me to fill but I hope to add to the organization as much as she has and to continue to make MCBA a premiere bar association.

Now for a little about me:

Before joining MCBA, I owned my own communication and public relations business, worked for the Philipson group, which is a creative marketing firm and acted as the Directors Assistant for the Greentopia Festival of Rochester. One of my favorite special event productions was a roaring 20’s themed gala for the Lollypop farm entitled The Great Catsby. It featured period festivities like cigar rolling, live music, silent movies and lawn entertainment. Aside from that, I have worked at Universities, small companies and I have an extremely diverse skill set.

I have been a part of the Rochester community for my entire life and love to give back in any way possible—most recently, I embarked on the Color Run, which is a 5k race and donated my time cleaning up the Genesee Valley Park. I am an outgoing, enthusiastic, energetic person and I hope to meet you all soon! If you ever need anything, ask Mary because I probably won’t be able to answer your question (joke). I am always here to help!

Ben and Suzanne

Suzanne Ventress

Some of you may have spoken to me already. Although I am fairly new, this is my second week as the Executive Assistant and I will be permanently replacing Ginny upon her retirement in July.

Previously to this position, I was the Sr. Assessment Coordinator for Rochester Works, where I worked for two years and was able to build upon a longstanding reputation of excellent client service. Prior to my position at Rochester Works, I was an office manager at Nazareth College. In that role, I organized and supervised the Chartwell Dining Services.

My husband Mark and I live in Spencerport with our son Garrett, who is twelve, and our two tuxedo cats Jackson and Oreo. I love the outdoors, enjoy camping (in a cabin) and I love to photograph everything that is worth sharing with others. I am always here to help and I am only a phone call away.

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2 thoughts on “Welcoming new MCBA’ers…

  1. Aww I miss everyone at the MCBA. So happy to see Ben taking over as Communications Coordinator. Go Bonas! Very nice to meet Suzanne.


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