I’ve got a beef with you…

Several weeks ago, as the snow was still coming down on a daily basis, I suggested to Liz Novak and Dajaneé Parrish that perhaps we should think about throwing a picnic for the members. Dajaneé, master of social media, loved the idea so much, that we assigned it to her to explore with the direction to — find a food truck; download the beach music; and find some great pics of summer beaches and other vacation venues that we can put on the big screens in The Rubin Center for Education.

Dajaneé dug in and began talking with a variety of food trucks. She researched, experienced and conquered negotiations with the City about the legalities of parking a food truck outside the Telesca Center for Justice.

Dajaneé even designed a super easy process:

Step 1: Register online at http://www.mcba.org — $10 bucks will get you a great lunch!

Step 2: Invite some friends and colleagues to come with you.

Step 3: Show up at The Rubin Center on Wednesday, April 15th @ 12:15 pm

Step 4:  Take a seat, and we will serve you your lunch.

Step 5: Eat and enjoy!

Step 6:  Following a relaxing lunch with friends, good music and good food, go back to work, more relaxed than when you came in.

The invite has been out there for almost 2 weeks now, and we have had a first ever experience — not one person has registered! Yes, I said it right, not one of you wants to come down to the MCBA for a cool, summer lunch!

So that’s my beef, no one wants any beef (or chicken, or vegetarian) for lunch that day!

My first thought was to cancel it. No one wants to come. That’s OK.

But Dajaneé and Liz, and Effortlessly Healthy food truck owner Shaina, have come up with a different option, and an easier option for you:

Step 1: No registration is required.

Step 2: Just show up on the Exchange St. side of the Telesca Center and you won’t miss the very large Effortlessly Healthy food truck parked right there.

Step 3: Get in line, order your lunch and drinks from a great array of options, and pay Shaina directly.

Step 4:  You have 2 options: The Rubin Center for Education on the 5th floor will be open for you to sit and eat your lunch on site, or you can go directly back to your office, and eat at your desk, while you get back to work. Odds of indigestion will greatly increase if you go directly back to work.

So there’s my beef! But here is your opportunity to say, “Mary, STOP!! We are doing too much. Too many programs, events, etc.” Please take a moment and let me know why this picnic is not on your radar:

1. It is still March. Too early to think of picnics!

2. Not a big food truck fan.

3. I was already at the MCBA 2x’s this week, and though I love all of you — it is simply too much!

4. I am fasting

5. _________________________

Thanks for checking in,


7 thoughts on “I’ve got a beef with you…

  1. For a minute there, I thought you were going to invade my turf and have a picnic in June, so I was relieved to see it was about the food truck. However, after today, I still think it will be snowing on April 15:) Still waiting for new pet photos to be posted so everyone can see my little monster.


  2. Don’t love food truck food and it’s hard to picture nice weather. I’m going to crawl back into my ice cave now. But thank you for trying new, creative ways of making us think winter may end in our lifetimes.


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