You asked for it…

Over the years, we have solicited your opinions about programming, benefits, and a host of other issues. There are several topics that you have requested consistently over the years:

  • More opportunities for networking with your peers;
  • More opportunities for networking with the judges;
  • More opportunities for social engagement.

And no one loves networking and socializing more than me. I was raised in a very social household. One never knew who might join us at dinner on any given night — the parish priest or a customer of my dad’s. We were not sent from the room, instead, we were encouraged (ordered) to stay at the table and join the conversation.

I am also all about, and have been from the beginning of my years at the MCBA, delivering to you what you have asked for. But I am repeatedly surprised at what I perceive as low turn-outs.

In case you missed it — today’s Speakers Forum with the Judiciary

Today we had a great Speakers Forum:  State of the 7th Judicial District with 7 judges representing the various courts. We had Judge Craig Doran, Administrative Judge 7th Judicial District; Judge John Owens, Monroe County Surrogate ; Judge Elma Bellini, Supervising Judge, Matrimonial Part; Judge Teresa Johnson, Supervising Judge, City Courts; Judge John Gallagher, Family Court Judge; Judge William Kocher, Supervising Judge, Criminal Courts; and Judge Matthew Rosenbaum, Supervising Judge, Civil Courts.

Following brief presentations, we had a robust Q&A session with lots of great information shared. Though we had a terrific turnout, I was surprised the room was not packed. Lunch and this opportunity was a $15 cost to members.

You have asked for networking, and we have delivered with Speakers Forums.


Pure networking….MCBA BarSTOP

BarSTOP is the purest of social events. It’s free! No regristration required and no fee, plus we provide complimentary hors’ duerves thanks to underwriters and great drink specials. We are hosting these at different watering holes around town from: City Grill to Label 7 to the Hyatt’s Scene on Main bar. On Thursday, March 19th, we are hosting our own March Madness BarSTOP at the Hyatt. Why the Hyatt you ask? Because they have the BIGGEST TV in all of Monroe County. I am serious! Why join the 15-minute rush hour traffic we are known for in Rochester. Instead, bring some colleagues  and come over. BarSTOP is exactly what you have asked for:  no speeches, just some valued R&R time with friends and colleagues. I can also tell you I have heard attorneys meet someone new and end up walking away with a referral. BarSTOP was intended to be like “the ol’ days” when the legal community gathered across the street at the Powers Grill.

You have asked for social and networking events, and we have delivered with BarSTOP.

Bar STOP no red eye

More pure fun at the 5th Annual Jazz For Justice

I believe Friday night is still date night. And now a days, where can you go out for an evening of great music, incredible food, open bar with wine and beer — for a grand total of $100/couple, or $60/per person. This cool, hip event is held at Harro East on Friday, March 20th starting at 5:30 pm. Jazz For Justice is the single fundraising event of the Foundation of the Monroe County Bar to provide funding for programs that benefit, you, members of the bar, as well as the community.

Jazz For Justice completely meets the criteria you have asked for in countless surveys. Informal, fun, entertaining, and all-inclusive. So bring your best date, best clients, best friends, best colleagues, best-in-laws, best neighbors and mark your calendar for a great night of jazzy fun and food. Click here to register.

You have asked for casual, fun social events, and we have delivered with Jazz for Justice.

JFJ 2014 Blog

Celebrating a legacy…Hon. Michael A. Telesca

Judge Telesca is a long-time and dedicated member of the MCBA; a great champion of the legal community; and an incredible advocate of the Rochester community. Over the years, you may have heard some of his life stories, but with much persuasion from MCBA President Steve Modica and the Honorable Jonathan Feldman, they encouraged Judge Telesca to allow them to facilitate the creation of a short film that tells his extraordinary life story.

Please join us on Wednesday, April 8th at The Strong Auditorium, starting at 7:00 pm. Following the 30 minute film, we will have an opportunity to informally talk about film over an incredible array of delicious and delectable desserts and coffee. Because the desserts and coffee bar are going to be extraordinary, the ticket price in advance is $20/per person. I guarantee, a trip to the movies will run you far more than $20/per person. Click here to register.

You have asked for informal networking and social events, and we have delivered with the film premiere.

Telesca Film Image

For almost 14 years now, I have been asking you what you want and what we can do better. Your responses have been shared with the MCBA Board of Trustees over the years, and they have supported me in the planning of these events and programs through a commitment of resources.

I do not take for granted how busy you are, but if you are one of those individuals that asked for more, and yet does not appear at anything, then what are we missing in not getting you to MCBA and Foundation events? We work hard to secure underwriting for the majority of the events, in an effort to keep the events and programming affordable.

Please send a note to let me know what we are missing or what we can do better. If not, I hope to see you at an upcoming event.

Thank you for checking in,


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