Farewell to a Freezing February Funk…and lessons learned

I love winter, the snow, and the quiet that seems to happen with a snowy winter. For me, I tend to nest, be at home more, cook for a few friends, take a Saturday afternoon nap (such a gift), catch up on some reading, Netflix and Amazon. (Brian made the mistake of introducing me to Soprano’s and now I must admit, I am addicted.) Getting up in the morning to go to the gym at 5:30 am, when it is 5 degrees out, is very difficult. Going at the end of the day can be even harder, when it has warmed to 10 degrees, and I just want to go home and settle into my new totally cozy couch that screams for me each night when I re-enter the house. The incredibly soft fleece blanket seems to open to the air, enveloping me into the cozy arms of the couch and draws me in. Dinner will be leftovers, homemade soup or even a bowl of cereal and berries some nights.

The month of February has found me being weak and resistant to activities, social events, or much of anything: By the end of last week, I had just about enough of this funk. I decided it was time to reflect, review, acknowledge and adjust my activities. So here are my Lessons Learned:

1. Winter draws us into the clutches of these new furniture acquisitions because it is a nice time to wander stores and shop online. Lessons Learned — Any new furniture additions should be purchased in the summer when we want to be busy and outside in order to avoid camping on the new stuff nights and weekends.

2. My iPhone is my alarm clock. So when I set it for 5AM in order to get up and head to the gym, I grab it, and hit the doze. 5 or 10 minutes go by, and it goes off again. The bed is sooo warm, the room is cold due to the hard wood floors, and the alarm song is Pharrell’s “Happy”. Why do I do this to myself? I roll over, scan news highlights, check late night and early morning email, and check the clock to see that I have now wasted 40 minutes. Lessons Learned — move the iPhone to the other side of the room, get up and do not lie down again, get a warm run, choose a quiet wake-up song, then bundle up and go to the gym.

3. I now live a Gluten Free life (doctor’s order), which has really been wonderful on so many levels, as I do eat so much healthier. But there is something to be said for the comfort foods during these cold winter days. So of course, I decided to try some GF meatballs with pasta with homemade sauce one night for friends. Turns out I make great meatballs and should open a GF meatball shop. Even gluten-eaters would eat my meatballs. Lessons Learned — I am not cooking for 3 kids anymore, so I do not need 3 lbs of meatballs that I then dine on the rest of the week. Stick with my really good soups or yummy “Kick-Ass Turkey Chili”.

4. The basement is colder than the bedroom, so the thought of going down to the basement to do laundry is very difficult. So the laundry piles up, and then I have to spend too much time on a laundry marathon. Although, I didn’t seem to have a difficult time going down there to grab a bottle of wine last week during the “Meatballs & Friends Dinner”. Lessons Learned — stay on top of the laundry, and keep a bottle of wine upstairs.

5. When I finally decided it was time to get back to the gym, because the new couch was already showing signs of wear, and no more excuses were allowed, I finally returned to the gym last Saturday and ran into one of the very wise trainers that always motivates me. She welcomed me back, and “Where have you been?”, with a wink and a grin. I told her of my darn February Funk, and she ended up sticking with me for about 20 minutes to get me re-motivated. She reminded me that “Motion is Lotion”, and my bones would hurt a whole lot less if I was in active motion again. Lessons Learned — moving does make me feel better. It is about getting up with the first alarm, bundling up, and getting in the car. I have been at the gym 4 of the last 5 days, and am going to a yoga class this evening. Last night, I did a step video at home shared by Liz Novak, that allows me to achieve thousands of steps each day on my FitBit. On Tuesday, I hit over 11,000 steps, though last night only 8,000. Point is, I am moving and I do feel better.

Fitbit Steps

So farewell to this historic February Freeze and to the funk that follows. And here is the good news…as March arrives this Sunday. There are warmer days ahead, and the white/gray stuff will begin to melt away. We will begin to feel Spring in the air again. So if you are still feeling the funk, give me a call, I can be your “Funk Coach”. And I would not be doing my job, if I did not tell you that we also have so much good stuff coming up at the MCBA over the next few weeks and months, that you will not want to miss. Bring that February Funk to March in the form of the Jazz For Justice on March 20th, and plan to listen to some great funky jazz. The good kind of funk…

Thanks for checking in…

Happy Mary

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