FITBar 2015

Growing up with five brothers roused a very competitive spirit in me as a child, especially as the only girl! When it comes to competition, and winning, I am all in. A house full of boys also meant BIG meals by my mom, with desserts. We were a very traditional house where I was expected to be in the kitchen helping mom prepare the meals. The good news is — I am a very good cook by both my standards, but most importantly by friends and family. But I am a taster! And over the years, that tasting, and yummy food preps, plus three babies, and not joining the gym in time, and all the other excuses in my life, caught up.

Like so many of us, eating well has been a struggle most of my adult life. But two years ago I learned I had Celiac disease — which means absolutely no gluten in my diet. This has actually been a very good thing as I was a lover of breads, pasta, cookies, and carbs, and anything naughty. Though there are many good GF options out there now, I have really tried very hard to not fill fill the refined carb void with other non-gluten forms of refined carbs. I have now come to appreciate fruits and vegetables even more than ever before, and my cooking has improved in both creativity and good health.

So when I received an invite from my San Diego bar colleague, Ellen Miller, to join the SDBar, as well as other bars, in a friendly staff competition to get FIT in ’15, I said yes, without really asking the staff first. I finally did take the time to explain the competition to the staff, and all responded very favorably.

Among our staff we have some really motivating factors: two “brides-to-be,” Dajaneé Parrish and Liz Novak, with spring and fall wedding plans; we have a new dad, when Merritt became Dad to Charlotte Rose a few months ago; and I think it is fair to say for the rest of us — we are feeling the effects of natural and graceful aging. Probably for most of us it is also the hazards of “leftovers” in the kitchen. Everything from sub sandwiches, to pizza, to those darn potato chips that Ginny orders with lunches. We are negotiating an end to the chips — better for all of us. Looking into a baked alternative. Kathy knows me so well that she was keeping a large jar of chocolate kisses on her desk, right at the corner where I sit. After a particular long or challenging meeting, I may wander in, and go for the chocolate. She finally admitted it was her ploy to get me in the office for a few minutes of my attention, to sign checks, or a quick conference on a matter. Kathy, being supportive of this venture, has a smaller jar on the desk with only 3 kisses in it at a time. And so you know, we ALL go for the chocolate.

Of the 10 of us, 8 of us are in. We had to sign into this web-based spread sheet, and each Thursday we record the unmentionable numbers with an anonymous name. Kathy purchased a scale for the corner of the supply room, and so this morning we entered our weights — with a few grunts and groans from the results. It is a work in progress with no instantaneous results. Our total loss will be recorded in the spreadsheet, and progress as a team will be measured until the end of May when the competition ends, and a winner is declared. We are hoping to make you proud!

The dreaded scale...

The dreaded scale…

Other tools on-site: we have the water machines on both floor 5 and  floor 10 so we can grab water instead of a soda (pop). I, along with Liz, are learning to drink that coffee black. So good! I brew mine with a French Press in the morning and add cinnamon. Cinnamon is great for so many reasons. Yesterday, I just walked around and gave the staff a new tea to try. It’s called — Get Burning Herb Tea for Metabolism. It has Green Rooibos (strong antioxidant, stomach calmer, and so much more), plus cinnamon, ginger, chili peppers, holy basil (that must be the prayer that comes with the tea), cordyceps (another antioxdant that actually comes from caterpillars) and black pepper.

Get Burning Metabolism Tea

Get Burning Metabolism Tea

I am appreciating the positive attitude of the team as they begin to make some changes. I see more of us drinking our large glasses of water. Per Liz, water has even more benefits when we add fresh lemon wedges, so the other night I picked up a bag of lemons and a crate of clementines for the kitchen. Those clementines are like candy. During a recent staff training, Kathy even brought in healthy snack options which everyone was so grateful for.

My boys, now men, gave me a FitBit for Christmas. This is one of the activity devices that I wear on my wrist. It tracks my steps each day, along with my sleep. My goal is 10,000 steps in a day. And I have to tell you this can be hard. I have only hit 10K on about four days. Even on days when I go to the gym. It is difficult for me because so much of my day is spent in meetings — sitting! So yesterday afternoon, my steps were way too low, and I added 200 steps as I walked around the board table, while checking email on my iPhone. No, I did not bump into anything, did not trip, and found a new way of adding some steps, while being productive. 2.5 laps added the 200 steps in less than 2 minutes. For me, it is about being more mindful, and the FitBit on my wrist does remind me, along with Liz who also has a FitBit and likes to gloat about her number of steps!

Mary refused to be in the photo...

Mary refused to be in the photo…

So what’s your story? Are you attempting to get more FIT in 2015? How can we help? Should we try a FitFirm Competition? That would be fun! For those members coming in for programs or meetings, we are reviewing some healthier options for you. We would welcome your ideas. Remember, D4 provides the free lunches at CLE’s, so we can make an inquiry of more tuna or turkey, but sometimes, it is about throwing the top half of the sandwich, instead of the entire sandwich, or the bread altogether.

If you are looking for me during your next trip to the MCBA, and I am not in my office or a conference room, check the Board Room, I may be taking my laps and catching up on email.

Thanks for checking in,


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  1. Take the stairs in the Telesca Center building and climb to your floor. If you’re going to 10, remember to exit at the 9th floor and take the elevator to 10. The stairwell door at the 10th floor is locked from the stairwell side.


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