Guest Post by Dajaneé Parrish: Meet the Pets of the Bar

We were so inspired by the Babies of the Bar blog post that we decided to feature your pets.

So please, take a moment to meet the pets of the bar.

Say hello to Louie (Labrador Retriever) and Bella (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), pet children of MCBA President Steve Modica.



Steve says, “They are a great source of comedy and love in our household.”

Say hello to Madison Moo Valentine (Chocolate Labrador), pet child of Alissa Valentine.

Moo Valentine

Say hello to Buster Dentinger (Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier), pet child of Penny Dentinger. Penny adopted Buster from Lollypop Farm almost six years ago.


Say hello to Miss Bitsy. Miss Bitsy is the pet child of Eileen Buholtz. Eileen adopted Miss Bitsy from Lollypop Farm in October.


Say hello to Chipper (Welsh Terrier), pet nephew to Mark Valerio.


Whenever Mark visits his sister in Philadelphia, he gets to spend some quality time with Chipper. Chipper and Mark like to go for walks, play fetch and catch up on the latest news in The New York Times.

Say hello to Lucky, pet child of Jill Paperno.


If you would like to show your pet then please send an email to and we will include your pet in the next installment.

– Dajaneé


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