Guest Post by Dajaneé Parrish: Meet the Babies of the Bar

With Thanksgiving just completed and the holiday season upon us, there is much to be grateful for. For some of our members, there is a little bit more with new additions to their families this past year.

So please take a moment to meet them.

Say hello to Amelia, Abby, and Emma (from left), daughters of Amy and Edward Varel.

Varel Children

Aren’t they cute? Amelia enjoys playing with her older sisters Abby and Emma. Abby enjoys playing with her Monster High dolls and fishing. Emma enjoys playing with her toys from the hit Disney film Frozen and dancing.

Say hello to Tate Patrick Denefrio Lyster, the baby of Carey Ann Denefrio & Timothy Lyster
Denefrio Lyster Child

Doesn’t he make the cutest kangaroo? Tate’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese which is a personal favorite of mine. He loves playing with his mom and dad and mega blocks.

Say hello to Mia and Mateo Marin, children of Amy Reichhart.

Marin Reichhart Children

Look at these two having fun in the leaves. Do you remember playing in the leaves as a child?

Say Hello to the X-Men, Xander Kayden and Xavier Harrison, sons of Duwaine and Sonnette Bascoe.

X-Men Bascoe

Love that nickname! The X-Men love milk as most babies do. They enjoying playing with anything that they can put in their mouths.

Say hello to Avi Schreter, 1st grandchild of Barb Orenstein and Jim Present.

Avi Schreter Orenstein


He is so adorable! Congratulations Barb on your 1st grandchild.

Say hello to Redmond (Red) Menter Wolk, son of Jeremy and Melanie Wolk.

Wolk Son

I spy with my little eye a future lacrosse player.

Say hello to daddy’s little girl Charlotte Rose Smith, daughter of Merritt and Laura Smith.

20141122_143831_resized (4)

Like the X-Men, Charlotte loves her milk. Charlotte also loves to cuddle and play on her playmat.

If you would like to show your baby/grandchild then please send an email to and we will include your baby/grandchild in the next installment.

– Dajaneé

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