Is it Friday yet?

This week will end up a “5 nighter”. I am exhausted, and its only Thursday morning. I returned home last night about 9:40 pm from the Young Lawyers Section Boat Cruise. It was a great night on the River surrounded by youthful energy. Once home, I was asleep within 20 minutes and never moved till 4:30 this morning. For a fleeting moment I thought I could get up and go to the gym…nah’. Rolled over, pulled the blankets up and snuggled in for 90 more minutes before I had to get ready for my 8:00 am meeting with MCBA and Foundation leadership.

YLS Group

Then…DARN IT…my eyes popped open when I realized that  Dajaneé Parrish, our Communications Coordinator, will be looking for my Thursday blog. UGH!! No extra 90 minutes of sleep today. I dragged myself out of bed, down to make a very strong pot of coffee, seated in my chair and writing. I hope you are not reading this and scolding me for procrastinating on this blog. I actually had the theme of it outlined on Monday, but have not had time to get to it.

Geez, I am so whining right now. I am sorry;I don’t mean to. In fact, if you know me, you know I love this part of the job. I love talking with you about your work, your challenges, your life. In the end, I enjoy this life.

Here is the week so far:

Monday — we had the 21st Annual Lawyers for Learning Golf Tournament. A great day with about 84 golfers all committed to helping the kids at School #29. The day ends with a dinner and awards. LFL Chair Amanda Dwyer did a great job rallying her Golf Committee and ensuring a perfect golf day. It was a perfect 75 degrees!

Amanda Golf

Tuesday — I attended the members only reception GRAWA held for Federal Court Judge Elizabeth Wolford. It was a great evening as we celebrated Judge Wolford. GRAWA President Tiffany Lee hosted a lovely event for her members.  (I am a proud card-carrying GRAWA member, thanks to their invitation.) It was nice to meet and greet so many of the wonderful GRAWA members. MCBA President Steve Modica, and GRAWA member, was also in attendance spreading his own good wishes.

Wednesday — I joined our beloved Young Lawyers Section as they cruised the Genesee River on one of our great river boats. Organized by Mike Geraci and Kurt Odenbach, under the leadership of YLS President, Jennifer Lunsford. It is always fun to be with this group of young attorneys. Some of them are brand new, or within a year or two new, while others are 5+ years. As we talked last night, some are now 10+ years and wanting to talk about the long discussed creation of a “Tween Section”.

YLS Harbor Town Belle Crusie

Thursday — I am joining John and Mary Crowe, their family, and a few close friends as we celebrate his retirement and his extraordinary career. I am honored to have been on the invite list to celebrate John’s retirement from the practice of law. John may be retiring from the practice, but what John will never be allowed to retire from is his ability to mentor young attorneys on how to be a better lawyer.

Friday — It is not usual that there is a Friday night commitment, but in this case, I can never say no to Elaine Cole. As you may know, Elaine is our President-Elect of the Foundation of the Monroe County Bar, and one member I can never say “no” to. If Elaine had the chance to respond to this allegation she would also tell you, she can never say no to me. So it is mutual, we cannot say no to each other. Elaine called to tell me that she is meeting on Friday after work at the Flight Wine Bar with some folks about the pre-planning for Jazz For Justice 2015. She said I was invited, but not required to attend. Of course I am going. I love Jazz For Justice and Friday night with wine with a few good friends will be fun even if in a planning mode.

JFJ 2014 Blog

It is now 6:30 AM, and I can’t seem to keep my eyes open. I need more coffee. I am confident the shower will get me moving again. After the 8:00 am the rest of the day is like the week, many, many meetings. A meeting with one of my managers, followed by a meeting with one of the out of town boss’s of one of our underwriters, followed by a Membership Committee meeting, and then a staff meeting.

The common denominator at so many of these meetings and events is so many of you — our dedicated MCBA members. Yesterday Jeff Harradine, Diversity Committee Chair, was here for a conference call on our Diversity Program, and had about an hour before he was heading downstairs to attend the Ethics & Social Media in Commercial Cases CLE in the Rubin Center. He asked if he could hang out in the Board Room to catch up on some lawyer work before heading down. We said “of course” and encouraged him to look through the fridge (since he had not had lunch) for anything that looked good. Jeff is a great example of a hard working bar leader wearing many hats for not only the MCBA, but also for NYSBA. Like so many of you, being a good bar leader is in Jeff’s DNA.


My 82 year old mom, Joan, attempts to talk with me each day if only for a few minutes. Some days she reaches me via cell, and when she does not hear back, she will call Diane Hill at the front desk to confirm that I am still alive because it has been all of 48 hours. After all these years, she continues to ask, “what are you all constantly meeting about?” And, “What are you all celebrating this week?” Difficult to explain.

I attempt to explain to Joanie that we have very, very dedicated lawyers in Rochester. Best in the country. Having been a receptionist at the old Nixon Hargrave firm more than 60 years ago, mom responds to me with, “I know how busy lawyers are, remember, my law firm was Nixon Hargrave where I worked for Mr. T. Carl Nixon…he was always very busy.”

So, now sitting in T. Carl’s old office, I wonder what he would say about the business of lawyering now.  Are we busier now than before? Are we spending the time in the right places? Are lawyers the same? How has the practice of law changed? How have bar associations changed? Probably safe to say — it has all changed. But one thing that I am pretty confident that has not changed and that is attorneys commitments to their clients.

Happy Friday-Eve. I do look forward to Saturday morning 🙂

Thanks for checking in,


2 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet?

  1. So when I saw you at the wine flight bar that was at least in part business! It was a pleasure to see you there although I feel bad that your days are so long. It’s like the Bar Association is your child now that yours are grown up.


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