Lots of learning in Boston…

It is Monday afternoon and I am attending the ACLEA (Association for Continuing Legal Education) Conference in Boston. Our CLE Program Manager, Louise Spinelli, is here as well. This is a conference Louise usually attends, but because the ABA Annual Meeting is here this week, I decided to “slip” into some of the sessions to listen for some of the trends that are underway in CLE delivery.

I have heard several new ideas that I think we will be bringing back. Stay tuned.

The bonus to this week, Claire is working in Boston this summer. So I was able to arrive early and crash with Claire and my sister-in-law’s family. Very convenient.

Several good sessions today. This afternoon a meeting with our good friends over at Thomson Reuters about our online programming. A valued relationship!!

So at the request of Liz Novak, Membership & Communication Manager, I am going to be “blogging my way thru the week”. Aren’t you thrilled??!!

On Thursday I will be welcoming MCBA. President, Steve Modica, and Foundation President Elect, Elaine Cole, for their sessions. It is a busy, but great, week ahead.

So stay tuned, please…

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