We’ve got nothing…Guest Post by Dajaneé Parrish

We've got nothing

Every Monday, I rack my brain trying to think of blog topics for Thursday’s blog. I will pass them on to Mary for her consideration because sometimes she is stuck. Well, this week I couldn’t think of a single thing. If I can’t think of anything I turn to Liz, who usually always has a topic. No, not this week.  Liz was fresh out of ideas too. Mary wanted to write a blog this week that was thoughtful and might even tug at your heartstrings, but we just couldn’t think of anything. (Does this mean that we are all due for a vacation?)

It’s quiet here at the MCBA office which could be due to our downed phone system. Okay, so the phone system is up and running, but you get what I was trying to do there. The MCBA staff is still busy at work, but since there aren’t a lot of meetings, the foot traffic by my desk has significantly decreased.  And, it’s all quiet in the lives of Mary’s kids, so no new story telling options there.

So we are giving you a BLOG BREAK.

You can practice your swing… so that you can be the best golfer at the Lawyers for Learning Thomas & Solomon 21st Annual Golf Tournament on Monday, September 8.

Playing golf Blog

Or, you can look through photos of our most recent BarSTOP to get even more excited for August’s BarSTOP which will be held Thursday, August 21 at City Grill.

July BarSTOP

Or, you can stay tuned next Thursday for an even better blog post. Your choice.

As always, thanks for checking in.

– Dajaneé

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