Celebrations of summer…

With all the partner-ears in the Telesca Center for Justice, we heard that Ray Squilla, our dedicated guardian that watches over all of us and all of you as you come to the Telesca Center for Justice was celebrating 20 years in this position this week. So we spread the word to everyone in the building to show up in the lobby at 10:30 AM on Tuesday, the 15th. A big sheet cake was ordered, and as we rode down the elevator, I suspected there would be 25-30 folks at best since it was the middle of the morning. But much to everyone’s surprise, there was more like 80-100. Poor Ray was standing in the midst of it all, wondering why everyone was congregating in the lobby. Adding to his state of wonderment, I approached Ray to ask if I had missed a fire drill? Were the police on the way? “Ray, what is going on?” To which Ray responded, “Mary, I don’t know. I am asking everybody and no one seems to know.” With that I announced that we were all there to celebrate Ray’s 20th Anniversary as our trusted guardian in the Telesca Center. In addition to knowing everyone in the building by name, I know he knows pretty much the whole bar membership by name as well. We all agreed, Ray is a gift to downtown Rochester, and particularly to everyone who works and visits the Telesca Center. Following a few more brief remarks, Ray was greeted with congratulatory hugs, kisses, handshakes and cake!

Ray w_cake

Last night the MCBA hosted a welcome reception to our new substantive law LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Committee last night. We had a nice turnout of members of the LGBT community as well as allies of the LGBT community from the Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board. The primary focus of the LGBT Committee is to assist the MCBA and our members in being better educated and informed on the multitude of legal issues facing LGBT people. Secondarily, the LGBT Committee will provide a comfortable place for our LGBT members and allies to gather and foster a supportive community locally. Supporting the formation of an LGBT Committee further supports the MCBA’s commitment to encouraging diversity and inclusion within the association and the practice of law in Rochester. The first formal meeting of the LGBT Committee will be Monday, September 15th at 12:15 pm in the Nixon Board Room. MCBA members are welcome to join. If you are interested in joining, please contact Ginny LaCour at valacour@mcba.org. Join early and be part of the early planning.

Also this week is tonight’s July BarSTOP at a NEW location. The City Grill, the cool new place at the corner of East & Alexander. Coming from downtown, just past Alexander, on East, the entrance will be your very first left. Pull right in, and you will be greeted by their complimentary valet service. BarSTOP continues to be a great success with all generations showing up for this informal, no speeches, just fun event from 5:00 – 7:00 pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Drink specials and complimentary food courtesy of Alliance Advisory Group and Counsel Press. If you don’t take advantage, you can’t very well say, “the MCBA does not provide any social networking…” can you?! I invite you to come and check out this really laid back event at one of the new places in town.

Bar STOP no red eye

We have so much to celebrate and to be grateful for at the MCBA, and at the Telesca Center for Justice.

Thanks for celebrating and for checking in,





One thought on “Celebrations of summer…

  1. Mary-what a great idea to recognize Ray on his 20th anniversary. I remember how welcoming Ray’s handshake was every time I came over to the building for a meeting. He’s a real gentleman and an asset to the building management. I don’t know what Ray gets paid, but I’m sure he’s worth multiple times that amount for the good will he spreads around.


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