Welcome to the new bar year…

And what a great year it will be! I started the day with an 8:00 AM meeting with my new leadership, President Steve Modica and President-Elect Neil Rowe. It is 10:30, and I just returned to the office. It was a great meeting! This monthly leadership meeting, held at various Panera’s where we can have endless coffee, is an opportunity for the three of us to meet to talk through various meeting agendas; dialogue on different ideas and initiatives; anticipate potential issues or areas that require our attention; and anything else that requires our attention. I started requesting this meeting several presidents ago. I prepare a “Leadership Work Plan” that I provide updated to them each month. In some respects it serves as our “leadership task list”, and I have found it is very effective in helping us avoid the dropping of balls.

In the early part of the bar term, the document starts out at about 4-5 pages, but as the bar year grows, so grows the Work Plan. What I look forward to witnessing in these early meetings is the relationship between the two bar leaders. And this morning, as in past years, I was not disappointed. Steve and Neil were in a good synergy together. Steve was not afraid to delegate, and Neil was stepping up and offering to assist. I loved the energy at the table!

We discussed the upcoming Board agenda for next week’s meeting, as well as a Task Force Steve is going to appoint to do some exploration on a particular matter. We talked about Strategic Planning, and how to continue to move this forward, and since Neil teaches strategic planning at Keuka College, he is a natural to work with me on reviewing where we are on this very large beast of a project.  We then covered another long list of items that would leave this blog to more than 3 pages if I wrote about all of them. As the bar year rolls on, you can look forward to hearing more.

With about 45 minutes in the office, to connect with members of the bar team on a few matters, I headed over to City Hall to meet up with our 13 summer law clerks from the Diversity Clerkship Program. We had the great honor of having lunch with Mayor Lovely Warren, T. Andrew Brown, Spencer Ash and Jeremy Cooney. It was a wonderful opportunity to hear each of their stories about how they ended up in Rochester, whether born and raised, or relocated here, and the influence of the local legal community on their personal and professional life. The law clerks had the opportunity to ask the Mayor about the future of Rochester; about the schools; and about life in Rochester. The discussion was open and honest about the challenges that face our community, but that they have confidence and faith in the people of Rochester that we will turn this City around. The energy in the room was without a doubt contagious.

Mayor Warren speaks to clerkship

The session ended with a great group photo opportunity with the Mayor, the passing out of her business card, and an offer from Mayor Warren, that she is free to meet with them again if they are interested in connecting. The business card was a prized possession by some of the clerks that could not believe they received her card. The gathering was warm, genuine and full of hopefulness. Their farewell gift from the Mayor was a “hot off the press” new Rochester pin titled — “Believe” with the Rochester logo.

Clerkship students and Mayor Warren

With a little over an hour to go before my next meeting, I have to complete this blog, and then focus on reaching out to a many of you with a friendly reminder on your dues renewal. Perhaps this blog will serve to remind you that you have not yet renewed. If so, feel free to go online right now to: http://www.mcba.org/Members/JointheMCBA/Renew/. Make my day!

At 3:00 pm, Steve will be in the MCBA offices for a meeting with Anita Pelletier from Nixon Peabody regarding the necessary changes to our By-Laws as a result of the new Non-Profit Revitalization Act. Ginny has left me about 10 sets of the various by-laws that we have for the MCBA, the Foundation, the Center for Education, and all of the sections. Ninety minutes of by-law talk. I think I need to go get a cup of coffee.

Once that meeting is out, I pick up my 82-year-old mom for a family dinner out with her 80-year-old brother, Paul McGlynn, and members of his family, in town for a short visit.

My hope is that by 9:00 pm, I will be home and on the porch listening to the sounds of summer, and thinking back to what a great day it was, and what a great year lies ahead.

Thanks for checking in,


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