I came across this image of gratitude, and I really liked it. I loved the personal nature of the language.

So it is with my heart and an abundance of feeling, that I wish to express to you my gratitude as we conclude the 2013-14 bar year.

To MCBA President Diane Cecero;

To MCBA President Elect Steve Modica;

To Treasurer Amy Varel;

To Secretary Neil Rowe;

To Immediate Past President Connie Walker;

To the MCBA Board of Trustees;

Board Photo

To the Foundation President Audrey Peartree;

To Foundation President Elect Bruce Lawrence;

To the Foundation Board of Directors;

To all of the Committee and Section Chairs, and their Members;

To the Partners in the Telesca Center for Justice;


To all of the Past Presidents;

To all of the Foundation Donors;

To everyone that attended a CLE; and to the Academy of Law for bringing them to the Bar;

To everyone that attended one of our more than 3-4 dozen events throughout the year; and

To the incredible MCBA Team that makes everything above and below happen:  Kathy, Liz, Louise, Ginny, Galina, Diane, Mark, Dajaneé, Dianne, and Merritt. They are an incredibly dedicated and passionate group of people to work with every day…we should all be grateful.


I am grateful for all that we accomplished this year, and grateful that you allow me to be frustrated, and you join me in being frustrated, when we don’t accomplish all we set out to do because the bar year simply became too busy.

But I am grateful that you have we will have a “let’s try again next year attitude.”

Most of all, I am grateful for your faith and belief in the MCBA, and for your confidence in the MCBA.

I am grateful for the fact that you do not always agree with us, and when you don’t, I am grateful that you are comfortable enough to say, “Mary, I don’t agree…”. I am grateful for your willingness to debate when you don’t agree.

I am grateful for those of you that have renewed your dues already for the year, and for those that have yet to renew, I would be MOST grateful if you were to call Liz Novak and take care of that little piece of business right now!

So if throughout the year, you sense that I need to be reminded to be more grateful, please promise me that you will call and remind me.

And on this 26th day of June, I am grateful for my first day of vacation.

Have a great upcoming holiday week as we officially begin the start of summer and the start of a new bar year.

Thanks for checking in,


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