Is it really a sign of good luck?

Up very early this morning.  Coffee on the porch for 15 minutes, while I reviewed my calendar for the day and some early email. Starting with the hosting of a presentation by the Rochester Downtown Development Corporation’s (RDDC) president, Heidi Zimmer-Meyer, on the proposed Business Improvement Districts program. Then a meeting regarding our health care insurance program with our brokers, The Ahrens Group, followed by a focus group with the Center for Governmental Research on the judicial evaluation process.  The day then ends with the MCBA’s BarSTOP at Label 7 in Pittsford.

A great day; a busy day. Like every day, I want to feel good, and look good too. So I went to the closet, looked over my spring options, and selected a light-weight suit. Ironed the blouse that was going to accompany the suit. Put it on, and was delighted to discover, “Gee, the pants are much looser than last summer. ” This is a good thing, but, “Hmmm, are they too big? No, cinch it up with a belt. I am running late!” So that’s what I did.

The sun was out. A beautiful start to the day. I grab my bag, my yogurt and coffee and head to the car in the driveway. Load the car, open the door to climb in when all of a sudden I heard this “plop” sound. A look at my right shoulder, and sure enough, some annoying little bird has left its mark. And not just once, 3 times!

This is how I felt this morning...

This is how I felt this morning…

I look up and there it was. It was a Robin sitting about 6 feet up in the tree. He looked at me; I looked at him.  It was a real stare down. The stare down went on for about a minute. I finally found the words and started yelling at the bird, shaking my hand up at it (not sure what I thought this was going to accomplish but it felt good to yell at something) and it began chirping back at me. Suddenly, the bird appeared very focused and the chirping ceased. That worried me. Is that a smug grin I see on the beek of the bird? Am I getting paranoid? Something’s up…and with that, I recognized the bird was getting ready to “plop” another one on me. This time I moved quickly to my right, dodging another hit. I looked up and lashed out one last time before heading for the house to change my clothes and still be ahead of my 8:00 AM meeting.

I am one of those folks that irons in the moment. So while starting the iron up again, I could not help but share this moment with some of my Facebook Friends & Family. Here is what I said:  “Finally happened…dressed, racing for office and a bird S _ _ _’s on my suit! What does this say about my day?” To no surprise, the responses started to roll in:

“That it can’t get worse?” from my good friend, Jill Conlon

“It’s supposed to be good luck!” from attorney Wende Knapp

“Don’t look up?!” from my funny brother, Mark

“At least it happened when you were still home, and not walking into the office!” from my very practical son, Aidan

“That S _ _ _ happens!” from my good friend, Dawn Borgeest

“Try not to walk under trees!” from my Bar Exec friend, Karen France

And many, many affirmations that this is a sign of “good luck”.

Once I changed, and safely in the car, I tried to look for the sign. A very wise friend of mine has convinced me that there are signs that happen in our lives. We need to look for them, and be mindful of what the sign is telling us.

So, I have done a careful analysis of the signs and significance of being “pooped on” this morning, and here is what I believe the messages to me were:

First, clean out the garage so the car can go in the garage, and I will not be at risk of walking under trees in the morning.

Second, turns out the suit was too big and perhaps the wild Robin was really doing me a favor. The Robin’s message to me was to get rid of the suit because it is too big. Go shopping!

Third, if it really is a sign of good luck, I should buy a lottery ticket on the way home tonight.

So that’s all I have today. Nothing really profound.

Thanks for checking in. Hope to see you at the MCBA BarSTOP this afternoon at Label 7 at Schoen Place in Pittsford.





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