It’s beginning to look a lot like — well, not in my house

I cannot believe it is December and Christmas is  just a few weeks away! Claire is flying home “for Christmas” from her memorable semester abroad in Dublin. Brian called to say his boss told him to “go home for Christmas since you live the farthest from home”, and Aidan called the other night to ask if the tree was up, and if we had yet picked names for the “Loewenguth family gift exchange with all the cousins.” The answer to Aidan’s question is — no the tree is not up yet, and we have yet to draw names.

Christmas…my head is still in Tuscany back in July. This can’t be happening. I have one gift, and it’s actually only a $10 gift card for one of the kids. I happened to purchase it while sitting there noshing on something yummy, healthy and delicious. There was no intent to buy a gift till I looked up and saw it.

I keep waiting for something to kick me into gear. Recently I saw Jill Cicero and a picture of her magical Christmas tree. It was a reality check that I need to make some progress.Even my staff is in better shape than me — apparently, they have too much downtime. Here’s Liz Novak’s tree, who can’t help rubbing it in.


God I don’t even know where my tree is — basement or attic in a box! What kind of a mother does that make me? On top of that, the snow is falling, and I still have not been out to rake the leaves off my lawn. Usually I am on top of the leaves, but all that wind we had a few weeks ago I thought would claim most of the leaves. Pretty certain the neighbors are not really happy with me right now.

So I am kind of thinking, perhaps we should form an “I Am In Denial About the Holidays Support Group.” We could meet for wine one night next week, or I suppose we could meet for wine, then go group shopping together. I am serious — let me know if you are interested in joining. There will be no dues for membership.

To make matters worse, I went to GRAWA’s Holiday Party at Melanie Wolk’s house last night. What a great party — the house was packed with lots of very well-organized women. I was over-hearing lots of conversation from women around the room that they are all shopped, wrapped, the cards are out, and menus are planned. Seriously!?!? What am I doing wrong?

Perhaps I should start by asking the kids — what would you like for Christmas this year? Yeah, I like that idea, maybe that will get the juices flowing.

No matter where you are in your holiday celebrations with Hanukkah now over, or Christmas and Kwanzaa just weeks away, my wish for you and your family is peace, good health and happiness through this holiday season, and into 2014.

Warmest wishes to one and all,


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