I heard a rumor…

…that one of the best parties we throw every year, tonight’s MCBA Holiday Bench & Bar Party, is perceived by some to be only for litigators. I have heard rumblings about this for years, and every year, I work to quell that rumor. So I thought I would take this opportunity to dispel any rumors to that effect.

Holiday Party Flyer

It is called the “MCBA Bench & Bar Holiday Party”, and yes, we see this as an opportunity to welcome and celebrate members of the judiciary. And for a second year in a row, the MCBA has extended “complimentary invites” to ALL members of the judiciary, both MCBA members and non-member judges. The Association values its relationship with the judiciary, and appreciate this opportunity to gather members of the judiciary and the bar to celebrate this relationship.

However, if you are one of the many members of the bar that never appear before the Court, that does not mean this is also not your holiday party, indeed it is. This celebration is for everyone!

Bench and Bar photos 045

Just yesterday, I was speaking to several young attorneys that both practice real estate law. They were talking about the fact that the holiday party is just for litigators, and I quickly stepped in to clarify that this was absolutely not true. I went on to challenge them that though they may be practicing in the area of real estate now, is there not the potential that they may choose to try a new area of law in the future, and if and when that time came, would it not be to their advantage to know members of the judiciary. Or, in their many bar activities and involvement on various committees or sections, is it not to their professional benefit to get to know members of the judiciary as friends and colleagues; after all, judges are people too.

holiday photos 011

So I challenged these two young women to go back to their firms and to encourage their department co-workers to join us tonight. It really is a wonderful event that kicks off the holiday season in the beautiful B&L Wintergarden. The food is plentiful, the beverages come in all forms, and best of all, the company is great!


Help put an end to this rumor…

A very happy holiday to one and all, and I hope to see you in just about 6 hours. You can pay at the door…

Thanks for checking in,


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