Guest Post By Dajaneé Parrish: Bar STOP – make it your last stop!

Back when I (Dajaneé Parrish, MCBA Communications Coordinator) was in college which wasn’t that long ago, there was a place on campus called the Rathskeller better known as the Skeller. It was the only bar on the St. Bonaventure University campus and the hangout spot on Friday nights for seniors. There were drink specials, food, and music and of course a room full of Bonnies. What’s a Bonnie? Well, there isn’t a concrete definition of a Bonnie, but to me a Bonnie is anyone that loves St. Bonaventure University, and when I say loves I mean loves. The kind of love that never dies.

A proud Bonnie on graduation day.

A proud Bonnie on graduation day.

Imagine a place like the Skeller here downtown. Let’s just say it’s the beautiful Hyatt Regency and in the Hyatt is the purple lit bar known as the Scene on Main Bar. The room is full of MCBA members. What’s an MCBA member? Well, an MCBA member is anyone that joins the Monroe County Bar Association and has a passion for improving the legal and Greater Rochester community.

No need to imagine this scenario because on Thursday, November 21st all MCBA members are welcome to attend the inaugural Bar STOP at the Scene on Main Bar at the Hyatt Regency.

Bar Stop Promo Updated Corrected Date

Bar STOP will be here for you every third Thursday of the month. So make Bar STOP your last stop.

Thanks for checking in…


5 thoughts on “Guest Post By Dajaneé Parrish: Bar STOP – make it your last stop!

  1. Danjanee’ – Nice to see that you’re in the picture and not just taking them. When I went to college which my daughter says is “when dinasors roamed the planet” at St. John Fisher we had a similar spot with a similar name. Looks like you’re a real addition to the Bar. Welcome


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