Guest Post by Liz Novak: What’s Your Favorite App?

What’s your favorite app?


I’m someone who is always looking for interesting new apps, whether it’s to make my life a little more efficient or something just for fun. I’m still a novice in the app world compared to many folks I know, but there seems to be an app to meet the interest of almost everyone – and almost everything — and it’s not scary in the least.

Just for fun, I decided to look up “App” on Wikipedia. Here’s the link to it if you’re interested.  App apparently refers to so many things besides just a mobile app. But for our purposes, we’ll go with that.

So when I polled a few of our staff and MCBA members for their favorite apps, I received a good mix of fun and functional apps. Please note: these are in no particular order, and I am in no way an expert.

Not only is this one of the favorite catch phrases of Gomer Pyle, but it’s also one of Laura Myers’ favorite apps. Laura, The Wolford Law Firm, is probably reading this right now wondering how I could put her and Gomer Pyle in the same sentence. Shazam, as I’m told by Laura, is an app that will identify the song name and artist of any music playing.  To use it – turn on the app and allow it to “listen” to the music playing and it will identify the song name and artist.  “This is great when you want to know who sings a song that you really like!”

Shazam APP

Tried and true, this app is the favorite of our Solo and Small Firm Committee Chair Eileen Buholtz, Connors & Corcoran. To quote Eileen “I check it whenever I have a few minutes.  This is better than the once-a-week digest via email, which is overwhelming.”  To join the MCBA’s member-only Linked In group, click here.

Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express is the favorite app of CLE Program Manager Louise Spinelli. It’s Adobe Photoshop for mobile devices. With this app, you can crop, brighten exposure, apply fun effects like pops of color, add a border – and then directly add to Facebook.  You can also reduce “noise” from photos to make them crisper and it has a timer for those who like to be in the photos.


We call Dajaneé our resident video expert, so it’s no wonder that her favorite app is YouTube. And while who doesn’t love a good video of someone doing something totally humiliating that goes viral or some cute puppy montage, Dajaneé uses YouTube for much more educational purposes – or at least that’s what she tells me: “If I ever need a tutorial on Photoshop, how to fix an issue on my smartphone or I just want to watch a few videos to pass the time YouTube is my go to app. Anything and everything is on YouTube and that’s why I like it. It is easily one of my most used apps. “

Evernote and Notability
Both of these apps provide “note taking” capability on mobile devices, particularly useful on an iPad. You will need to decide which one you prefer. According to Jen Lunsford, Segar & Sciortino, she uses Evernote for work: “… I use it for all of my note-taking. It is especially good for organizing notes from the various board meetings I go to.”  Notability is the favorite app of Executive Director Mary Loewenguth: “It is where I take all of my meeting notes, either by keyboard, or with a stylus. It is like writing on a note pad. Ability to edit, add graphics, record, file, cut and paste, and so much more! Plus it works on both iPhone and iPad…my world.”

springpad and evernote

Springpad is Mary’s other favorite app (she’s the boss so we gave her two…).  Springpad enables Mary “to save everything from notes to task lists to photos and recipes, book titles that I will get to at some point, names of songs I want to download, little notes I collect along the way that require a quick scan and storage”.  Based on Mary’s recommendation, I have decided to try out Springpad out – it seems like something that could prove pretty useful to me.

Trulia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Trulia is one of my favorite apps. It’s a real estate app that with a tap you can see what homes are selling for in a particular area – it gives an instant map based on your location with pinpoints of pricing. You can also plug in custom searches that you can save based on a neighborhood you want to move into.  It works well from both the perspective of a buyer and a seller.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s an app for everything, including games, news, sports and more. I personally get my news from the CNN app, while Merritt Smith, marketing specialist here at the MCBA, gets his news from the NPR app (which also happens to be his favorite app).  If you’re into Football, Curtis Johnson, an associate at Davidson Fink, recommends ESPN’s Fantasy Football app called “ESPN Fantasy Football”.

I know there are many more cool apps out there, so let us know your favorite. You can either add a comment to this blog post or post one to our Facebook page, where we’re asking for favorite apps.

Thanks for checking in…


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