It takes a village to run a bar association…

The weight of running a bar association is not entirely left to me, as your Executive Director, or the president, Diane Cecero. With more than 35 committees and sections, and chairs for all of those respective groups, as well as the Foundation and all of its interest groups, we have many, many cooks (chefs) in the kitchen stirring their own concoctions. My job, along with the president’s, is to work hard and race fast to keep up with the many activities that are happening around us.

Our chefs are very busy, and I wanted to give you a quick overview of activities that are underway throughout the MCBA:

Membership & Events Committee, under the leadership of Shannon O’Keefe Pero, is working on “Mentor for a Moment”, and is hosting the inaugural BarSTOP on November 21st. Easy one to remember thereafter — the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Hyatt.

Bar Stop Promo Updated Corrected Date

Senior Attorneys Committee, under the leadership of Mort Bittker, has an incredible line-up of speakers for their monthly meetings. I do not think there is an age requirement to attend these fascinating meetings. The November 26th speaker is Heidi Zimmer-Meyer, President, RDDC. Come and learn about the many exciting projects underway in Downtown Rochester. I sit on Heidi’s Board, and can tell  you first hand, there is a lot of cool stuff happening in Rochester.

Memorial Committee, under the leadership of the Honorable Frank Geraci, has the honor of offering our annual tributes to those members that have passed in the last bar year. Sadly, we will be recognizing 22 of our colleagues, and we would like to invite you to join this memorable event on November 15, at 12:30 p.m. at the Hall of Justice, Rm. 404. This event is about celebrating the incredible legacies of these extraordinary attorneys.

Nominating Committee, under the leadership of past president, Connie Walker will begin the annual process of nominating the next slate of candidates for the bar, and in identifying the president for 2015-16. Where do the years go? This is important work as this committee is responsible for selecting the next group of critical bar leaders. Watch for the nominating information, and consider nominating either yourself or a colleague.

Young Lawyers Sections under the leadership of Wende Knapp is always busy. On Wed. November 13 at 6:00 p.m., they are hosting their 2nd Trivia Night at Wall Street. This was a blast last year, so you should add it to your calendar. And it’s not just for younger members.

2013 Young Lawyer Section Trivia Night (Trivia Card)

Real Estate Section, under the leadership of Maureen Garvey, has been very busy planning both CLE’s and a new edition of the Real Estate Guide. This invaluable resource will soon be available for purchase with many new forms. This is a significant project, and “kudo’s” to the section for sticking with it over the last few years.

The Academy of Law under the leadership of Hillary Merkel McMillan is having a banner year with more than 56 programs already on the calendar for the balance of the year, and 16 already behind us. I invite you to make the Rubin Center for Education a destination for some of your CLE credits. If you don’t have time for a live program, considering viewing one of our dozens and dozens of CLE programs already on line through CLE On Demand. And in case you did not know, we are doing LIVE web casting as well. Just keep an eye out for those upcoming programs. The Academy leadership ensures that we deliver high-quality programs by qualified local, regional and national speakers. Click here to check us out the CLE calendar.

Lawyers for Learning Committee, under the leadership of Elena Renner, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of this award-winning program. However, in this this year of celebration, the program is facing a year with less than 30 mentors signed up. Elena and her dedicated committee need your help. If you are interested in mentoring please click here to fill out an application. We need you!

Awards Committee, under the leadership of Beth McDonald, is doing great work weeding through award applications and vetting with her committee names of members that may be eligible for various MCBA, Foundation, NYSBA and other awards. There is nothing better than to be able to recognize and celebrate one of our very own.

Foundation of the Monroe County Bar, under the leadership of Audrey Peartree, had a very big meeting this morning, voting to approve the purchase of a new phone system for all the partners at the Telesca Center for Justice. This significant purchase presents an incredible gift to all of the partners, including the MCB, as we are all working with phone systems that are more than 20 years old. The funds are coming out of the balance of the Partnership for Equal Justice Campaign. In addition, they are working hard to reach a goal of $30,000 in the 2013 Raise the Bar Appeal. We would welcome your gift. And, save the date for the 4th Annual Jazz for Justice on Friday, March 21st starting at 5:30pm.

Well, that is all for now. No, that is not all of our committees and sections and boards, that is less than a 1/3rd of them, but it’s all that I have time to report on this afternoon. I will do another blog on this topic and provide more on the others at a later date. There is much hard work underway throughout the Monroe County Bar, with a special call out to all the bar leaders that are running these committees/sections and boards.

Without all of you — there is no bar association. So if I do not say it enough — “Thank You” for all you do and all that you give to the MCBA, the Center for Education and the Foundation of the MCB. If you are a member, or are an attorney non-member, perhaps I have peaked your interest to become more involved in one of our many activities and events. All you need to do is call, and we will get you connected to the right people.

Thanks for checking in,


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