Join us at the MCBA BarSTOP…

I was recently looking at some photos of my youngest, Claire, who allegedly is “studying abroad” in Dublin, Ireland for the semester. They continue to call it “studying abroad.” Really, when does the studying come into play? Does she think I was born yesterday? This first photo was from this past weekend, when she and other kids from all over the world converged on Munich for the annual Oktoberfest. Claire has a slew of photos on Facebook of her many pub crawls.

Claire in pub

Scenes of the countryside (from a pub), scenes of old Irish cathedrals (across the street from the pub), scenes of the local library (across from the pub) and more. If you’re a parent, you get my drift! Studying??

claire in ireland

In all seriousness, Claire’s explanation of the “pub experience” is that the Irish gather at the end of their day to just talk about their day. All kinds of people, crossing all lines. She reports seeing farmers and business people all at the same pubs, actively engaging one another. Very civil. No drunken behavior, all very collegial.  It reminded me about conversations I have had with some of our senior members about the “good old days” over at the Powers Grill. Sounds like lots of great memories were born there. Today, our young lawyers section gather every month or every other month for happy hour at a different location. So this is not a generational thing. Attorneys, of all generations enjoy gathering at the end of the day, to share a beer or a cocktail before heading home.

Bar Happy Hour old school

In a recent review of some member surveys we have done in the past, I once again saw repeated requests for more social, networking opportunities. We brought the idea of creating a monthly gathering event to the Membership Committee, under the leadership of Shannon O’Keefe, and they liked it as well. So in an effort to fulfill this desire of many, we have decided to try something new. I will warn you in advance, it is a “low maintenance, low resource event” that has the potential to have big results.

Here’s how it will work!

The MCBA BarSTOP will be:

  • DATE:  The 3rd Thursday of every month (unless it falls on a major holiday). The inaugural BarSTOP is set for Thursday, November 21st.
  • TIME:  5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • LOCATION:  The new and very cool Scene on Main Bar at the Hyatt Regency Rochester downtown — the Hyatt crew is thrilled to have us, and is working with us on some discounted bar prices.
  • COST:  Free to attend. No registration required. The drinks are on you, so come with cash or your credit card. Complimentary light appetizers made possible by one of our many great sponsors.
  • GOAL:  To meet old and new friends and colleagues. Great chance to network!
  • SPONSORED BY:  The MCBA Membership Committee

Our goal — to create an opportunity for you to come together simply for the purpose of coming together.

So please plan to mark your calendar for the 3rd Thursday of every month, at 5:00 pm, and plan to do a BarSTOP on your way home. Stop and bring some of your friends and colleagues, and plan to head over to the Hyatt on November 21st. It is my birthday week, yes, WEEK, so you can join me in celebrating the NEXT ONE!

By the way…and so I don’t get into trouble if Claire reads this blog, she is a really good student, and is actually working very hard, while also having some fun.

Thanks for checking in…


2 thoughts on “Join us at the MCBA BarSTOP…

  1. Mary–I’m sure Claire is learning a lot..I’m a bit surprised, though, that she hasn’t yet learned that it’s not such a good thing to “friend” your mother on Facebook. Gene


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