School days, school days…

Even though I am no longer putting any little people on a bus, I still have this wonderful sense of anticipation this time of year. I had this silly little song I would wake the kids with on the first day of school; yes, even when they were in high school. Once in college, I would call and sing it to them over the phone. I would actually make a hot breakfast on that day, and they tortured me for years that this was the only day I provided them a hot breakfast (not completely true). And of course, the standard “first day of school photo” like the one included here bring back so many memories. When Brian saw this photo recently posted on Facebook he was mortified that I would allow him to leave the house wearing socks AND SANDALS!! “Mom, what were you thinking?”

Mary's kids first day of school

This school year, Aidan is starting back at MCC for his second year, and called to tell me he is taking a law class by MCBA member, David F. Mayer. He is very excited. While Claire begins her semester abroad in Dublin. She arrived in the wee hours of Monday morning, and so far, all I have witnessed is her sitting behind her first pint of Guinness…hmmm’!!?? Claire assures me school starts in the days ahead. Brian is working full-time, but in the process of scheduling his next round of training at the PGA School in Florida. All of them are still in an educational setting at some level.

And so begins the start of the fall “learning season” around the country, and also at the Monroe County Bar Association. The MCBA’s Academy of Law, under the leadership this year of Hilary Merkel McMillan, Dean, and Mary Jo Korona as Dean-Elect, have been hard at work this summer in an active planning mode. Louise Spinelli, our CLE Program Manager, has been pulling all the program details together. The Academy of Law, along with our 32 committees and sections, and Louise are responsible for assembling a curriculum program for 2013-14 bar year. They are delivering something for attorneys at all levels. With more than 40 CLE programs already on the master calendar, I am writing to encourage you to take a look and see if there are any programs that are of interest to you.

Legal Writing 003

Quick overview of a few good ones:

We understand you are busy practitioners, and for those of you that are also taking time out of your day to attend meetings at the Association’s office or on other community boards, we know you are busy. In case you have missed it in one of our eDockets, we have hours and hours and hours of CLE programming available online as well. So as the days grow colder, and if on a particular day you want to stay in and warm, I encourage you to go online to “order in” a CLE in the convenience of your home or office. This is so easy, check out the titles right here.

I also want to make certain you know the best ways to purchase CLEs. As a member, the credits are $30/hour, while non-members are $50/hour. Joining the MCBA makes CLE credits much more affordable. If you join a substantive section, this will result in a $10 discount of those programs as well. And then if you wish to consider purchasing a CLE Pass, this will result in even more discount for live programs and DVD/CD purchases. We work hard to make this affordable.

Money aside, what makes our CLE programs some of the best in New York and across the country, is that our distinguished presenters are your very own colleagues. We seek out a broad and diverse panel of speakers that will deliver the high caliber programming that you deserve.

So, please take a few minutes to review your many CLE options. Sign up for a program, enjoy a complimentary breakfast or lunch at the start of the program, visit with friends and colleagues, and learn.

In closing, if you are interested in serving as a presenter at one of our CLEs, I would encourage you to forward us an email with an outline of your topic for review by the Academy of Law.

Thanks for checking in,


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