Who wants to apply for Mary — The Great Putter’s Foursome?

Last week was a big week for Rochester with the PGA in town. The best part of last week for me was the fact that my own PGA guy — my son, Brian Corbitt came home for the week. Brian is a PGA Apprentice in Nashville, at Richland Country Club. His aspiration is not to be a playing pro, but instead a club and teaching pro. He scheduled his vacation last week in order to be home for the tournament. As a PGA member, he can attend at no charge, and take his mom as well. So on Sunday, we went for the amazing final round. It was pretty cool to be able to experience this with Brian since he has lots of inside information on the players, with lots of facts and figures.

This is PGA winner Jason Dufner making his winning putt. Look close, he is the turquoise dot in the middle.

This is PGA winner Jason Dufner making his winning putt. Look close, he is the turquoise dot in the middle.

I don’t play much golf anymore, as it is a time factor, but in my day, I too had dreams of joining the LPGA. My T-shots could really take off…but that was some years ago. Now, if I manage two rounds a year, that is a good year.

One of the events I try to always come out for is our own Lawyers for Learning Thomas & Solomon 20th Annual Golf Tournament, this year on Monday, September 9th at Eagle Vale Golf Course. I don’t have a foursome yet, and decided that before I pursued a foursome, I would take advantage of Brian being home, and have Brian put his good coaching skills to work on me. Whether or not I played would depend on whether or not I still felt I could even hit the ball.

The good son that he is, he dug my clubs out of the basement, and began quizzing me on the state of my bag. “Mom, why do you have 4 drivers in your bag?” “And where did your 3-iron go?” “And when was the last time you washed your clubs?” To which I responded:  “Brian, I have no answers for the first two, but I do know my clubs are hoping you give them a bath!”

Brian Swing

We ventured out to the Big Oak Driving Range. I must admit, I was a bit nervous. Suddenly it was a bit intimidating with him since he gets paid to do this. Brian immediately began his methodical process of hitting balls, and I spent the first 5 minutes “ooohing and aaahing” over his swing and the distance his ball traveled. Not only was it far — it was incredibly accurate. Then it was my turn. I took my position, lined up the ball, twitched a bit more, and then finally took a swing, practically wrenching my back, and came close to doing a 360. When my eyes opened again the #%@* ball was still sitting on the tee. I said a bad word, and hit my club into the ground. To which Brian simply said, “Mom, swearing at the ball and banging your club is NOT good sportsmanship.” It was very, very sad!  Second swing, I hit it, but it barely went anywhere. The swing felt so awkward. Brian stood by, and slowly began to do what he does best in his new world:  teach me how to golf.

For golfers, probably nothing new here, but it was the calm order of the instructions that made it all come together. Here are a few of his very simple tips:

  • Keep the club low and flat
  • Roll your left hand, for those of us that are right-handed, over the top of the club
  • Keep your left foot anchored to the ground
  • Keep your head down, eyes open and on the ball
  • Swing slow, pulling it straight back
  • Let it go…

With a few more attempts, the shot I had been finally waiting for came, and I hit that ball about 225 yards, and it was straight! And I will tell you, with a little more practice, I can increase that yardage even more. Brian reminded me — golf takes practice. And that is what I have committed to do before the LFL Tournament on the 9th. So I am planning to return to Big Oak this weekend.

Now that I have made the commitment to practice, I am officially seeking a foursome, but I do have a key requirement — you must be a fun-golfer!! As you consider applying for my foursome, I will let you in on a little secret — I am one heck of a putter!! In my LFL record book is one 35′ putt that won me the title of “Mary — The Great Putter”.  Plus, I am pretty consistent with the short putts too. (Yes, it was a self-proclaimed title).

So, if you meet the requirement of fun and are available on the 9th, shoot me an email. I did attempt to coax Brian back to town for the Tournament, but he cannot do it. However, here is the deal I will make — if our foursome wins the tournament, I will arrange for us to play a round of golf with Brian in Nashville, with a free lesson thrown in. (This offer does not include airfare or hotel, simply me as your tour guide, and I will buy a round at the 19th hole.)

Click here to register for the Lawyers for Learning Thomas & Solomon 20th Annual Golf Tournament.

Who wants to join me on the 9th?

Thanks for checking in,


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