Today’s blog is about being too busy to blog…

Tomorrow is Installation Day…

We are finalizing name-tags which is always a little crazy, so if we get your name wrong, this one time, please forgive us. Our event schedule has been over the moon lately, as we roll from one event to the next. However, if you have not yet registered, call Ginny ASAP at 402-7188, and say the following:  “Ginny, this is (state your name), and I know I am so late with this call, but if I say pretty please, can I still register for the dinner? I promise, I will not ask to sit next to my favorite judge or any one else for that matter! Thank you Ginny  — do you like flowers or chocolate??”


Liz, Installation Event Extraordinaire, just learned there is a threat at the Hyatt about a possible strike by the wait staff, so we may be asking our Board of Trustees to assume a new responsibility as Wait Staff. Hope they are up for the task?


And this was the moment that Dajanee discovered the PowerPoint presentation she had been working on for days had not been saved.


Then this was the moment that Merritt learned that one of the underwriters that had pledged $3000 pulled out at the last minute. And he was trying to find the words to come tell me.


And this is me and one of my many coping mechanisms during stressful times.


Can you tell we are getting a little punchy here?? Obviously, this is all a joke, except for Ginny, you still need to bring her flowers or chocolate if you call tomorrow.

Hopefully, we will see you tomorrow at the Hyatt. Looking forward to this annual celebration.

What are you busy doing today?

Thanks for checking in…


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