Guest Post: The Joint Will Be Jumping!


So I have a slight alliteration addiction – I admit that – but the event Jazz for Justice just lends itself to that convention. The joint will be jumping on Friday, March 22, at the Foundation of the Monroe County Bar’s 3rd Annual Jazz for Justice. The joint being Harro East Ballroom, and all of you doing the jumping. Ok, maybe not jumping but still having a fantastically, fabulous, fun time. (annoyed yet?)

Part of my job here is as the Foundation manager, and as part of that job, I have worked at Jazz for Justice for the past two years and will be working there again this year. Now, while I can’t claim too much of the planning for this event, that is done by a talented committee made of attorneys and the legal community, I can claim that even “working” at the event is fun. And if I have fun, so will you. There are no awards and no long speeches (not that there is anything wrong with that!). Jazz for Justice is all about fun – and jazz…and food…and fun…and food….and seeing friends…did I mention food yet? Oh wait, it’s also about the Foundation. Ok, so food, fun, Foundation – that’s Jazz for Justice.

And here’s the pitch: All proceeds from Jazz for Justice go to the Foundation of the Monroe County Bar – the charitable arm of the MCBA. Yes, the same Foundation that awarded $15,000 to the Rochester Diversity Clerkship Program this past year; and the same Foundation that gave $13,000 to Rochester Teen Court this year and has supported it for the past 5 years; and the same Foundation that gave $3,500 to Lawyers for Learning and its Peace Camp program (who can forget Kenny!) this past year, and yes, it is that same Foundation that was integral in the creation of the Telesca Center for Justice and ensuring equal access to justice for all. Yes, it’s that same Foundation; and that same Foundation still needs your support.

The cost of the event is $50 per person and it includes everything! So join us at Jazz for Justice and join in the fun; join in the jazz; and most importantly, join in being a part of, and not apart from. You are all busy people, with asks for time and money coming from all over. This is one ask; one night; $50.

Here’s the link to register, and I look forward to seeing you all there.

Jazz it up 2013!

Liz Novak

Membership, Communications & Foundation Manager

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