The Telesca Center is where the action is…

I was standing in the midst of a construction zone today, as I watched the next phase of the new  Telesca Center for Justice lobby. The new tile work has been installed and it looks amazing! Every morning as I walk in, I get a report from our construction manager, Gary Lyons (Hamilton Stern Construction) as to the daily tasks. At the end of the day, I really look forward to seeing the results of the completed tasks. I think what surprises me most is that the rendering, designed by the talented people over at Bergmann Associates (Architect Tom Castelein and Interior Designer Tracy Venette) is exactly what we dreamed of.  Our dream of more than a year is really coming to life. Check out the photos and see our progress today.

I think the two happiest people in the building upon completion will be me, but most importantly, Ray Squilla, our ever-vigilant, one-man security force, at the Telesca Center for Justice. Ray has endured layers of dust, drilling, hammering, fumes, complaints, and lots of curious by-standers asking questions about the progress. So as the project comes to a conclusion in the next 2-3 weeks, Ray is going to be beaming.

Telesca Center for Justice One-Man Security, Ray Squilla

Anyway, as I was standing in the lobby today around the noon hour, there was a steady stream of lawyers entering and exiting the building, weaving in and out of the construction equipment, and I thought to myself — “WOW, look at the action going on here!!” On the 5th floor, the CLE Room was jammed for a great real estate program, while on the 10th floor, the Bankruptcy Committee was working hard in the Nixon Board Room. And even the Kessler Room was tied up for an all-day deposition. Things are so busy at MCBA, that we are removing a wall on the 10th floor between two smaller rooms to build a new conference room that will accommodate approximately 15-18 people. This room will be bigger than Kessler, but smaller than Nixon, because the demand for conference rooms is so great on a daily basis.

Kris Vurrara speaking at today’s Commercial Real Estate CLE

So, just in time for the holidays, we will have an incredible new lobby, that will serve to welcome the clients served by the Telesca Center partners, as well as all the members of the Monroe County Bar that visit the offices each day for meetings, programming, and more.

Grateful for so much this holiday season.

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