What day is it anyway…

Last night as I was heading out of the office, I was walking along with one of my building mates, Amy Schwartz, a talented attorney at Empire Justice Center, and a young mom of a sweet little 4-year-old boy. Amy was talking about Halloween, and I stopped in my tracks, and in a panic mode said, “Oh my god, is tonight Halloween? I don’t have any candy yet!” She laughed and said, “No, tomorrow, you have time, its’ tomorrow.” Phew…but I did stop and wonder, how could I have possibly forgotten what day Halloween is, the 30th or the 31st? It is one of my very sweet memories of dressing the kids up with homemade costumes, even though I did not sew, because I was not going to spend money on store-bought.

But as I walked out, I did my nightly glance into the renovation underway behind the temporary wall to see what progress has been made since my last look in around 3pm. Drywall is up, taped, and prepped for painting. Floor tile goes down next week, and the temporary wall comes down the week of the 12th of November. We are finalizing signage, reviewing donor lists, and planning a lobby unveiling for January/February. It has been a huge project and we will all deserve to celebrate when it is over.

But in the meantime, the MCBA has an abundance of our regular activities going on. Liz Novak is working with the Board of Trustees on pursuing members that have not yet renewed, while working with the Foundation on their Annual Raise the Bar Appeal (still time to give), while also planning the Holiday Bench & Bar on Thursday, December 6th (watch for the registration coming soon). And she is already starting to push me that it is not too early to begin planning for Law Day and Installation!!

Louise Spinelli is busy planning some incredible CLEs, so you really should check out the CLE calendar. She and Merritt Smith, our new Marketing Specialist, are launching a CLE OnDemand campaign to attorneys in some of the more remote areas of NYS that may be unable to get access to quality CLE. We are very excited about this effort. In her spare time, she is finalizing details for the Federal Court Dinner next week, and already making plans for the Diversity Clerkship Program for 2013.

And Kathy Fico is making certain the money is flowing in, and the bills are being paid on time. While also managing a grant with NYS, and books for the MCBA, the Center for Education and the Foundation. In her spare time, she is managing office operations, our IT support, the DEAFund and the Lawyer Success Registry.

And they are all being supported, as am I, by a great group of people:  Diane, Ginny, Galina, Dajanee, Mark, Charles and Merritt. Together we do great things!! All of it inspired by all of you, our incredible members.

So, as you can see from up above, we are doing an awful lot of good stuff. I am looking forward to the gathering with the MCBA Board as well as the Foundation Board, and managers the week after next for two days of strategic planning. We need it! We need to do a check on where we are, and where we are going? We need to stop and ask — are we fulfilling our primary responsibility to our members. So you can imagine why occasionally  I do have a “STOP — what day it is anyway — moment?”

So, child #2, Aidan, just called to make certain I was home and ready to hand out the candy on this Halloween night. I said, “No, still at the office…” To which I heard back, “Mom, do you know what day it is? You need to get home and be ready for the kids…” So I better get home before child #1 and #3 call with the same message.

Thanks for checking in…and a very Happy Boo to you…


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