Finding community — where do you find it?

During a recent conversation with Claire, my college sophomore, I learned an important lesson about community. Claire is pledging for a sorority at Bentley University. It is one of the Sigma, Sigma, Sigma sororities (not the real name, but the best I can do); this is a whole new world for me. I could hear the hoarseness in her voice due to late nights, little sleep, heavy course load, her job, and pledging activities. After a drilling about being safe, making smart choices, and receiving reassurance that all was well, I inquired as to whether or not it was all worth it. Claire responded with: “Absolutely! The sorority will give me community within the Bentley community. Plus, it will be an incredible resource for internships and jobs in the next 2.5 years, and throughout my life and career.”

This morning I arrived in the Rubin Center for Education to more than 30 attorney volunteers gathering for a training for the Deferred Action Clinic we are hosting at the Telesca Center for Justice on Saturday for young members of the public. As I looked around the room at this dedicated group of lawyers, committed to ensuring access to justice, I saw a community.

While talking to President Connie Walker, Judge Frank Geraci, came off the elevator following an 8:00 AM Memorial Committee meeting. The Chair, Kelly Bartus, has a dedicated group of volunteers that spend most of the year collecting the fascinating stories of more than 30 cherished members of the bar that have died in the past year. All of this information is gathered in order that we can share their stories at the Memorial Ceremony. As I saw members of the committee departing, some real champions of the bar, I was so touched their commitment to honor their own. Once again, I recognized that what I was seeing was community.

Over the lunch hour I went up to Nixon Peabody for the GRAWA Judicial Candidates’ Luncheon. It was a sold-out crowd, with five judicial candidates there to present their case for why they would make a good judge, or continue to serve as a good judge, while answering questions from the attendees. This is such a great event, and it provided some insight for me personally as Election Day approaches. I looked around the room, and I saw community.

As the day comes to a close, I am grateful for the community that surrounds me each day. Community abounds at the Telesca Center for Justice, in the MCBA with both volunteers and the great staff, and throughout all of our Telesca Center partner offices. My question for you is, did you find community today? If so, where? If not, have you asked yourself why not?

If you are finding community at the MCBA, please share your community story with us. Where do you find community? How did you find community? Has being part of the MCBA community made a difference for you professionally? Personally? If so, I really would welcome hearing your community story.

If I can help you find community here at the Monroe County Bar Association, please give me a call, stop in…whatever it takes.

Thanks for checking in…


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