Celebrating Justin…and the Fringe Fest

Still in Charleston at the Conference of Metro Bar Associations, but really missing being in Rochester this week. Up early this morning catching up on news and emails, and enjoyed reading about the Fringe Fest updates in the Democrat & Chronicle. I get in late Saturday, and plan to hit the Festival on Sunday.

But here is an interesting piece of information about the legal connection to the Fringe Fest that I bet you did not know. The chairman of the festival is our very own dedicated MCBA member, Justin Vigdor! Justin had barely wrapped up his work as Chairman of the Partnership for Equal Justice for the creation of the Telesca Center for Justice, when he assumed this new task as Fringe Chair. And in fact, Justin is still taking on tasks for the TCFJ when we call him with a need.

For those that don’t know, Justin is a very young 83! I remember when we were meeting weekly on the Campaign with Justin and Kristi Hughes, Empire Justice Centers Director of Development, and our Campaign Coordinator. Justin would come in with notes, lists, and recalls from meetings 6 weeks past, and run circles around Kristi and me.

He is amazing! Justin has had his hand in building so many successful programs and organizations in Rochester for decades. He was at the helm in creating the Al Sigl Center so many years ago, a model that he took us back to when we began the dialogue about the Telesca Center for Justice. Plus other programs not even mentioned here. And now, Justin is at the helm of this new Rochester celebration, the Fringe Fest. WOW!!!

So please join me in celebrating Justin, and the many gifts he has brought to Rochester. He is an extraordinary example of a good leader, a good citizen, and a great lawyer.

Thank you Justin! I will look for you on Sunday. No doubt you will be running around making certain we are all happy.

To learn more about the Fringe Fest, check out…
Fringe Festival

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