Meeting with other metro bar leaders

MCBA President, Connie Walker, and I are in Charleston, SC, attending a meeting of metro bar associations from around the country. There are about 50 bar presidents and executive directors present from bars of about 1,000 to 8,000 members.

Always one of the best meetings because our memberships are very similar in terms of our members, our activities, our missions. We just heard a presentation from Jenn Lewin, ABA Division for Bar Services, about presenting the results of a member survey that all of our bars participated in. Fascinating results! I was most impressed to see that the MCBA market share is 73%, higher by 20-30% of some of our sister bars in the room.

Connie just participated in a panel discussion presenting our support of our solo and small firm practitioners. She went through our list of successes from the thriving committee, to the active list serve, as well as numerous other opportunities we have put in place. She did a great job, and made us proud. Attendees were really quite impressed with all we are doing. Though when I was asked what program we use to publish the solo list serve, I responded, “I don’t know…a computer! I have really smart staff that know the answer to that question.”

Reassuring for me is hearing that we are dealing with the same challenges that our sister bars are, and so we are not alone. Our member challenges are their member challenges, and as we always do, learning some new strategies about how to make us a better bar for your benefit. Not a long list of new initiatives, but it is about tweaking some of our existing programs.

Thanks for checking in with the BarView

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