Growth and change…it’s all good

Remember my Mary Moments of years ago, where I would ramble on about the kids and their elementary and teenage antics? Well, they are now grown, and living their own lives. Brian is living the dream in Nashville, Tennessee working on his PGA Golf Certification, as an Assistant Golf Pro at Richland Country Club. He calls me weekly and shares his experiences with members and members relations. Aidan is in his 2nd year at MCC in their criminal justice program. He is also volunteering over at Rochester Teen Court and enjoying that experience. In his spare time, he is starting to work on securing his private pilot’s license. And Claire just started her sophomore year at Bentley University in Boston, working toward a very complicated business degree with a major in Information Design and Corporate Communications. It has been wonderful to watch their individual evolutions, and to see them begin to flap their wings. Claire use to worry that I was lonesome, and I think she was a little disappointed when I assured her that I am doing fine. Work, friends, time at the gym (just did my first spinning class last week) and learning to enjoy the quiet is all part of my new world. I am looking for a watercolor class, as this has been a long time desire, but never have had the time. This all represents growth and change — it’s all good!

Meanwhile growth and change is also underway at the MCBA. For the first time ever the Association Trustees and the Foundation Directors are coming together for a joint strategic planning process. Both require an independent strategic plan, but both have one common denominator — you, the MCBA membership. Both Boards have agreed that it makes sense that we do this together so that we are all moving in the same direction on this journey. I am excited about the process which began in the spring with member surveys and focus groups with our ABA Division for Bar Services Associate Director, Elizabeth Derrico. Prior to the two day process scheduled for November, all of the trustees and directors will be sharing a “book club” experience as we are all going to be reading, “The End of Membership As We Know It”. An interesting read about membership associations and the evolutionary transformation that needs to happen for associations if we are to grow and thrive. It’s cool stuff! Stay tuned to learn more. We need to hear from all of you — all four generations of our membership — our Traditionalist, our Baby Boomers, and the Gen Xers and the Millenials. The MCBA membership is comprised of Traditionalist, born before 1945; the Baby Boomers born between 1945-1964; the Gen Xers born between 1964 and 1980; and the Millenials born after 1980. So the challenge for us is meeting the diverse needs and desires of all four generations. How do we do this?


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